Reducing Noise With Photo Stacking

In low light situations when the ISO is cranked up to uncomfortable levels there can be quite a bit of noise introduced in the photos. If the scene is reasonable static there is a great technique for reducing the noise in the photo considerably. All you have to do is to take multiple shots of the scene with the same exposure settings and then do some magic in the after processing of the images. Let me show an example.

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Photo Editor Evaluation

I’m in the middle of evaluating different photo editors. I use Capture One Pro for almost all my photo editing work. It does a great job and in most cases I don’t need any other program. But Capture One Pro can’t do more advanced work like merging multiple exposures or frequency separation. Adobe’s Photoshop is of course a very popular choice for a lot of people. I’m not going back to Adobe since they introduced their “creative cloud” concept with a monthly fee though. If I pay money for software I want to own it. So Photoshop is out of the question for me. There are a number of other candidates to choose from.

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San Diego

I went to San Diego on a business trip in 2013 with a bunch of colleagues. I stayed for a month and as usual these days I had my camera with me. San Diego was a very nice place to visit. On this business trip I had extremely long working days so I didn’t have much time to spend on exploring this sunny side of the world. But still I managed to stretch my legs a couple of times.

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Cold and Pretty

I thought I could get some pretty winter shots today. The first place I came to think of (that was nearby) was our local camping site, Ingestrand. The sun was already setting and I saw that there were some pretty colors in the sky. But the fog that rapidly came rolling in surprised me.

The Elusive White Moose

White Moose
This is sadly the best shot I have of the white moose. I saw it and tried to sneak closer to get a shot. Of course it noticed me straight away so I quickly took this shot before it ran off. The hunt for a good shot of this mystical creature will continue.