Robin Redbreast

This little fellow is a robin. It lives in the leafy parts of my garden. I have no idea if it’s a he or a she but I do know that it has a little chick that just has left the nest. I know that because sometimes the chick bumps into my office window when it tries to use its tiny wings.

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The Sky

The sky fascinates me. Constantly it surprises me how it can look completely different from one minute to the next. I find myself very often taking photos of the sky. Sadly since these shots are almost never planned there isn’t so much to see in the foreground. Anyway, here’s a post dedicated to the sky, the greatest canvas in nature.

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Moose Hunt

I went with my father-in-law looking for moose. We wanted to get a glimpse of one of the white moose. We didn’t manage to find any moose at all on that trip. If we don’t count the one almost standing in my garden when we came back home. But it was way too dark by then and it wasn’t white after all.

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The Elusive White Moose

This, sadly, is the best shot I have of the white moose. I saw it and tried to sneak closer to get a shot. Of course it noticed me straight away so I quickly took this shot before it ran off. The hunt for a good shot of this mystical creature will continue.

White Moose