Classic Car Cruise

There was a classic car cruise parade in Arvika today. I thought it would be fun to try to photograph some of the cars. I’ve never tried to photograph moving targets like this but I knew in theory how to do it. It was much harder in practice. I shot handheld with a bit longer shutter speed to try to get some action in the images. These are the ones that turned out OK.

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Dawn of Sweden

This image was taken just a couple of days after the terror attack on Drottninggatan in Stockholm. The sky was beautiful and there were some heavy rain clouds coming as a harbinger of doom. In the front a lonely swedish pennant is clinging to its flagpole, defying the tide.

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Robin Redbreast

This little fellow is a robin. It lives in the leafy parts of my garden. I have no idea if it’s a he or a she but I do know that it has a little chick that just has left the nest. I know that because sometimes the chick bumps into my office window when it tries to use its tiny wings.

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The Sky

The sky fascinates me. Constantly it surprises me how it can look completely different from one minute to the next. I find myself very often taking photos of the sky. Sadly since these shots are almost never planned there isn’t so much to see in the foreground. Anyway, here’s a post dedicated to the sky, the greatest canvas in nature.

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During the new year’s eve fireworks in Åmotfors I managed to capture some of the action. I just brought my camera without planning for the shoot. These images were all taken handheld with ISO 200 (the native ISO on my camera) and 2,5 seconds shutter speed. Nothing interesting in the foreground. Basically the images were all shot just for fun and to some extent to prepare myself for a real fireworks shoot in the future.

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Smoke Pillars

A couple of days ago in Åmotfors there were some nice colors in the sky. The two smoke pillars together with the trees in the foreground gives the scene an eerie feeling. At first I tried to create an HDR image but the result was not satisfactory at all. In the post-processing I used a single exposure and brought back some information from the sky and added a light vignette. That pretty much gave the result I was after.

It’s in the end of December and still no snow. That’s weird.