Full Format

A year or so ago I invested in a so called full format system. I chose to go with Sony for a number of reasons. One of them was that I was not happy with how Nikon and Canon went into the mirrorless market.

One interesting aspect of this is that I can now compare the images from a micro 4/3 sensor with the images from a full frame (35mm) sensor. Even though the full frame sensor is generations newer than the m43 sensor it will still be interesting to compare. When I check similar tests online it tends to be very infected. Since I own both systems I can now do relevant tests for my own.

For 18 months now we’re not only two persons in our family. We now have a little boy in our house! That was of course also a reason for me to invest in a new camera system. It’s well known that the smaller form factor of m43 struggles in low light. And when taking photographs of my son indoors it’s a low light situation most of the time.

So in a future post I will try to compare images from both camera formats in a way that I see relevant.

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