Panorama View of Arvika

I am experimenting a lot when trying to learn photography. I have always wanted to create a panoramic photo. The panorama photos I see on different exhibitions and galleries on Internet always looks great and inspiring (check my brother’s panorama photos for example). So the other day I had a clear view over Arvika and decided to try a low light panorama. I wanted to get a fairly high-resolution image so I used my 40-150 mm f/2.8 at the long end. This is roughly equivalent to the field of view of 300 mm on a full frame sensor. Everything went fine with the first row of images. But when I wanted to shoot the second row (the night sky over the city) I really couldn’t see where I was shooting. So it was pretty clear to me that I would need a panoramic tripod head to aid me in situations like these.

As always there are things I can improve. Some parts of the image are blown out. Because of the long focal length the stars are not really stars any more. Next time I try to create a low light/night-time panorama I will shoot the sky separately and blend it into the panorama. And I will use a panoramic tripod head, if I have one…

Here’s the (long) first row of images for my first try at panoramic photography. It’s made up of 17 images in portrait format. Imagine in your mind a starry sky above. 🙂

Arvika Pano

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