Isa’s Prom

I was asked to photograph Isa in her prom dress. Of course I accepted. It was a perfect opportunity to take portrait shots with off-camera flashes. This is something I have to practice on. It was a pretty short 30 minutes session so once again I had to be able to think quickly.

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Susanne & Martin

I was invited as one of two photographers to Susanne and Martin’s wedding. I accepted since this would give me nice training and hopefully some added images to my portfolio. My task was to follow the bride’s preparations, then join the groom for the meeting. After that it was time for the ceremony and finally the reception. So my whole day was booked basically. I’m sharing some of the images in this blog post.

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Maternity Photo Shoot

My girlfriend and I went out to take some maternity photos. We wanted to catch some snow while it lasted. I had a vision of frosty reed at the lake. Well, the reed weren’t all that frosty but the images turned out pretty OK still. In these images I was using a single off camera flash with a MagSphere. Continue reading