On my way home today I passed by the local bathing place called Ingestrand. I saw some very nice reflections on the wet ice on the lake. So I quickly drove home and fetched my camera.

I have been trying to improve my composing skills lately. It’s very easy to only focus on one thing in the image and try to capture only that. But it’s equally important to have something interesting to look at in more places in the image. And the image should be well balanced and all that.

I have known this for many years of course. But it’s one thing to know about it and another thing completely to actually try to implement it in the field. This is probably one thing that sets pros and amateurs apart.

Back to my image. At the shoreline I found some very interesting ice formations and cracks. I thought that would be at least something to look at and perhaps the cracks could even lead the eyes through the image a bit. The final image is a focus stack of three exposures.

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