Linn’s Maternity Shoot

I was asked to help with a meternity photo shoot for Linn and Marcus. I happily accepted! It is always fun and educational to practice with my camera equipment in a more serious context. These images are important for them so it’s important to reach the best possible result.

As always, I am not good at posing people. Linn and Markus turned out to be natural talents so that wasn’t a problem. 🙂 It was actually my first serious shoot with the new “full frame” camera. It worked pretty well I believe. Although I felt a bit inexperienced with the camera (settings and button placement and so on). The photos were processed in Capture One and Affinity Photo as usual.

Of course I brought my Godox flashes with me for the shoot. They worked pretty well but it wouldn’t have hurt if they were a bit more powerful. AD600s would have been better than my AD200s. Arguably I could have moved the flash units a bit closer to the subject. But with more powerful flash units that wouldn’t have been necessary.

A lesson learned from this photo session is that when using flash units it’s important to bring extra bulbs. One bulb died on me so in the last scene in the session I could only use a single flash unit.

In the end I think Linn and Markus were pretty happy with the images. In general it all went pretty well.

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