Spirit Roe Deer

My father-in-law and I go on moose safaris sometimes. We might take a car and drive around hoping to see moose or other wildlife. We also know of a couple of places where it’s pretty easy to spot moose during the summer months. On one of the trips to one of these places I saw something I’ve never seen before in my life.

A completely white roe deer!

We have white moose around these parts of Sweden so I have seen those a number of times. But never a white roe deer. I have done some light researching and it seems white roe deer is very unusual.

We saw it on a big distance and it was quite late and dusky. I had my trusty m43 camera and a zoom lens reaching 300mm (600mm equivalent focal length on full frame sensors). But on that focal lenght that lens has an aperture of f/6.7 so the ISO had to go up to 5000. But still I had to have a pretty long shutter time of 1/50, so the image is pretty blurry.

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